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Design Trends: Hospitality Industry 2018

Modern Hotel Lobby

Design Trends: Hospitality Industry 2018

Design trends for 2018 are offering hotel guests an opportunity to relax and unwind with strong influences of natures, bold colors and innovation. With the influence of technology, public spaces have become a second space for the guest to feel welcome. Our expertise in the market as a top FF&E manufacturer allows us to interact with some of the top designers, engineers, and hotels in the world.  Read below to find out what the most popular trends are for the hospitality renovation industry this year.

Material Trends Design Trends

Material trends continue to evolve using familiar elements such as concrete vanities, exposed pipework and subway tiles with contrasting grout. Some stunners that are beginning to take front and center are the introduction of faux leathers, luxurious velvet and textured woven fabrics. Trends for this year’s hospitality renovation market show the incorporation of nature and natural looking elements including muted hues, raw woods and live walls, offering the guests breathing room in indoor spaces. The innovation of color using screen printing on tiles, glass, and other materials has allowed for bold uses of color and prints.

Public Space Trends Design Trends

Public spaces have become even more important with the shift in generations that include heavy use of electronics, technology, and digital media.  This is naturally creating a major focus in public space seating, communal tables, accent tables, coffee tables, multi-use furniture.

Guest Room Trends Design Trends

The guest rooms are becoming smaller with the large public spaces becoming the focus, we will see more multi-purpose furniture, bold colors, advances charging capabilities manufactured within the furniture such as wireless charging stations. Integrated lighting has seen an increase in popularity in bathroom mirrors, headboards, and nightstands. Some hotels are trending away from a guestroom desk but other still feel very strongly about them.  The trend will still move forward but we will still see desks in the rooms moving forward.

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