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Does Your Hotel Bathroom Make the Cut?

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Hotel guests, anywhere within the economy to the luxury segment, will never overlook the importance of a good hotel bathroom.  To travelers, a hotel bathroom is more than simply a place to freshen up. It is, in fact, a very key part of their experience as a guest, and they want their expectations to not only be met, but ideally exceeded. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook, midscale hotel brands recognizing that the guests want innovation and technology and pricey lifestyle hotel feel without the price tag.

In fact, recent market studies show that more and more, guests rate their room satisfaction based in large part on the bathroom. The bathroom provides an important indication of whether they perceive the hotel to be clean, current, upscale and how they identify the brand in general.  

Therefore, with branding awareness, hotels are taking steps to improve guest bathrooms regardless of whether upscale or economy to better appeal to their guests. Hotels are focusing on recreating the conveniences, amenities, and luxuries of the upgraded bathrooms that many of their customers have in their own homes.

Of course, it goes without saying that guests expect immaculately clean, mold-free and bug-free environments. Regardless of how stylish the design is or the amenities offered, nobody will find an unclean room acceptable.

Although the hotel bathroom used to be very basic, guests now want larger bathrooms with plenty of counter space for toiletry bags, plentiful outlets, and good lighting among other items. Since space is often at a premium, the ability to help the guest feel like it’s more spacious, convenient, and luxurious is key.

Some of this additional space can be found by eliminating the tub and enhancing the shower experience. Open showers with glass from the floor to the ceiling can the room feel larger and more luxurious. Rain showerheads, ambient lighting, docking station with speakers, and shower benches are all features that guests appreciate.

However, when space is available, mid to luxury hotel guests enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, soothing bath experience, and whenever possible, with an amazing view. Guests love to feel welcome and special and one way to accomplish this is by treating them to a little something extra to add to their experience.

The Little Things Count in the Hotel Bathroom

Providing generous, super soft, thick towels that envelope them completely, along with high-quality shampoo, conditioner, soap, and spa products offer the additional luxury that guests require now. In addition, offer multiple towels with different sizes and enough of everything.

Magnifying mirrors can significantly help women when applying their makeup and men when shaving or grooming. Offering a high-powered hair dryer is a small item that can make a big difference in guest perception of convenience.

Lighting and mirrors are other big concerns and guests want the warmer, more flattering lighting that LED lights can provide. Using a Hollywood style mirror in rooms allows light to come from all directions. Importantly, light bulbs that are not replaced as they burn out will make a poor impression.

In terms of style and design, updated, uncluttered, white vanity surfaces and clean lines are the guest preference. Functionality and convenient use of space are prime concerns.

DECOLAV Hospitality can help you achieve the bathroom you want for your guests with our quality manufacturing and expert engineering. Coupled with your unique vision, we can provide innovative solutions for a property’s bathroom design.

If you would like more information about how DECOLAV Hospitality can help you create the right bathroom solutions for your guests, please contact us using our contact us form.


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