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Our Story

Our company has manufacturing roots reaching back nearly 50 years. President, Robert Mayer, established DECOLAV Hospitality with the foundation of his familyʼs global manufacturing expertise and his vision to provide turnkey solutions to hospitality executives.

Robert Mayer’s family started manufacturing high-end Italian designer shoes in the late 60ʼs. His exposure and hands-on experience led him to launch DECOLAV® in November of 2000, an industry leader in affordable, high-quality and stylish bathroom products and furnishings. The company’s reputation for quality is our biggest competitive advantage, while always being proud to be the low-cost producer within the industries we serve.

Leveraging the many years of success, award-winning design, and manufacturing experience, DECOLAV® Hospitality was created as a unique division specializing in case goods and vanities for the hospitality industry. These complementing product lines have already been well received and respected by our customers worldwide.

DECOLAV® Hospitality was formed on the basis of our desire to change the definition of FF&E. We offer our FRESH take on business in combination with our commitment to manufacturing products that help our clients achieve their unique vision. We create strategic partnerships that offer innovative solutions to help create a FUN and EXCITING environment for the hospitality industryʼs greatest asset, the guest. DECOLAV® Hospitality is the only manufacturer that can deliver every part of your guest rooms with the correct understanding of the proper raw materials needed to do the job correctly. We offer unprecedented pricing and superior quality.

Unlike any of our competitors – we are the complete manufacturer.

DECOLAV® Hospitality’s award-winning in-house team of engineers, logistics managers, and industrial designers work directly with your team to ensure their designs are ready for production. We make sure the quality you have come to expect from DECOLAV® and DECOLAV® Hospitality is maintained for the life of the products we produce for you.

DECOLAV® Hospitality is the manufacturer and not a purchaser or importer like our competitors. Satellite offices throughout Asia and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provide a worldwide operation allowing for 24-hour seamless workflow. All products undergo a stringent quality control process at every critical production stage, including the loading of the containers. Our six sigma black belt head of manufacturing ensures that the final product is not only in perfect condition and the order is 100% complete before shipping, but that the product can hold up to the rigorous demands of hotel customers.



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